Night Vision Infrared Camera

Night Vision Infrared Camcorder
Night Vision Infrared Camcorder

I am investigating paranormal activities. For this reason I needed a night vision infrared camcorder.... I am writing this page, to help anyone also looking for a nightvision infrared camera. Well.... first of all I went to a local electronic store. I was told that the best thing I could do is get a  Bell and Howell DNV900HD 1080P Infrared Night Vision Camcorder With Accessory Kit, which cost me $245. When i went home and unboxed my new nightvision camera I was pretty disappointed the first time. The material was so cheap. After that i tried using it in a dak room.... it did not work! And that was when I was disppointed the second time. That was enough! I immediately returned it to the shop, and got my money back.


After I arrived back home i spent some time on the internet browsing websites and trying to find a nightvision camcorder that actually wors and is not too expensice. The time I spent most of my time on was a website called Top Digital Camcorder. This site has been very helpful. I learned that most camcorders that are especially made for night vision do not work. Hard to believe, but well, that's obviously a fact. At least that was what I also learned when reading Amazon reviews on nightvision camcorders.


I contacted one of the reviewers of Top Digital Camcorder. He got back to me within some hours and told me the best thing I could do  was getting a Sony HVL-HIRL IR NightShot and Video Light for Compatible Sony Camcorders. The great thing is that i have a Sony camcorder anyway. I just never thought that I can easily add a Video light to make it perfect for investigating paranomarl activities in dark rooms. I am so glad I found out! The video light works PERFECTLY! And it only cost me $70!


The guy of Top Digital Camcorder also told me that for whatever reason that camcorders that advertise for being perfect for infared nightvision are not good at all and he would only give them to his kids.


So as you can see.... it is not easy getting a nighvision camcorder that actally works. If you have a Sony camcorder anyway, the best thing to do is get the Sony videolight!


By SEO Landshut